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Project Peru are a UK based micro-charity, working hard to help families in Peru that are suffering from extreme poverty and disadvantage. At the heart of their work is a children's refuge, located on the outskirts of Lima.

The challenges faced by Project Peru are numerous. The charity is run by a passionate, and incredibly hard working, Husband and Wife team. Trying to survive, in the shadows of the many globally known charity groups, is frustratingly difficult for micro-charities such as Project Peru. They pride themselves on low overheads and ensuring that as much funding goes directly to the cause as possible. 


The challenge was to increase awareness of the charity and gain support from a wider community; thereby increasing their fundraising capabilities.


The shanty towns of Lima have numerous problems, many of which go relatively unnoticed by the outside world. Along with the problems that many, similar, poverty stricken areas face - no running water or electricity, difficulties sourcing food, problems with crime etc - they also have an interesting political situation and a huge divide of social status in and around the city. 

It was hoped that I could help raise enough funds to build an adventure playground at the refuge; and get buy-in from a new group of supporters.


With such a small budget, it became apparent that we would need to gain exposure by generating earned media, through great public relations strategy and progressive communications.

The campaign was planned with just three stages in mind, with all communications centred around a single challenge; namely, to hitch-hike from my base in Nottingham, to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland; with no money, no food, no accommodation and no back up plan... Oh, and it had to be completed within 2 days.  


The strategy involved key influencers, and a careful communications campaign, which I knew would grab the required media attention and influence public buy-in.


The challenge was supported by several local BBC Radio stations, Local Newspapers and Schools; each chosen for the expected route that the journey would take. It trended on multiple social media channels and was tweeted about, by the lovely Musician, Sophie-Ellis Bexter.

The project raised more than 200% of the required funding, and allowed for the building of a new home for a family living in the shanty town of Las Laderas. It also gained the addition of new long term supporters for the charity.

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