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Thanks for visiting my website. Let me tell you a little bit about my background and demonstrate how I can provide value to your business.

My professional career started in the construction industry. In this industry I spent over a decade working on various major projects throughout the UK being responsible for their profitability and completion to the client's satisfaction.

During the last few years of my time in this role, a hobby of mine had begun to grow out of control, largely due to a unique customer experience that I had created within the service offered. Things continued to grow to a point where I had to make a decision on my future and I decided to turn this hobby into a full time business; seeing me entering the leisure industry for the first time. 

The business caused quite a stir with the local community and further afield (I remember first noticing how far things had spread when seeing a photograph of a stranger wearing a hoodie of ours, several hundred miles away up at John O' Groats). It was around this time that we were were chosen by none other than Theo Paphitis as one of his SBS Best UK  Businesses.

Things were flying and, with me seriously enjoying building community brands and great customer experiences, I formed a second business in the entertainment industry. This grew even faster than my first business and was promoted as an 'experience day' in stores such as WH Smith and Boots.

However, despite this natural flair I seemingly had as an entrepreneur, I didn't feel that life as a business owner was for me and felt that my focus was better spent on my talent for injecting energy into and brand and building a company culture that people want to be associated with.

And so, with excitement and anticipation, I began offering my services as a Business Development Consultant and have already seen great results for my clients; one of which  (a brand new start up) became an industry leader within a very short space of time and saw a 100% business growth for each of it's first 3yrs years; this business is now looking to go international. 

I believe that I can offer businesses of all sizes the insight and creativity needed to form the glue between your branding, sales and marketing work.

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“I cannot recommend Steve highly enough. He can quickly see how to improve the feel of a business and can explain the process of doing so, in a simple and jargon free way.”

Ben Wesson - Managing Director of BSCC Ltd