Building your reputation from the inside-out

On the surface, this is a pretty amazing time to be alive. We can get information on absolutely anything and everything; just hit that Google Search button.

We're able to get fit and healthy in the comfort of our homes; thanks to a friendly online trainer. We can build £multi-million empires from our Kitchen tables; with nothing but a hi-speed WiFi connection and an apple wearing laptop.

The problem, however, is the negative influence that all this is having on the real human connection that we need in our lives. Hands up who wishes their child would put their bloody smartphone down and go play outside? Hands up who's seen couples sat across from each other on a date, staring at Facebook or Instagram?


Human connection has taken a backseat and mental health issues are on the rise.


People are ready to reconnect. They just need a tribe.

About Me

I build the brand reputations of businesses within the Sports, Leisure and Hospitality space; through great Public Relations and Community Engagement.

My speciality is something that I call "Inside-out Reputation Management"... Which is just a posh way to say that I help increase sales, through developing your brand reputation, throughout all areas of your business.

I form the glue between your core values, marketing, service and sales, to attract a steady and ever-increasing flow of new and old customers to your business.

The work I do uses concepts and principles of strategy, people and purpose; to guarantee that you see increased sales and a 5 star brand reputation.


Want me on your team?

Steve Hodgkinson

Building Reputation with Great Public Relations

Reputation Management for the Sport, Leisure & Hospitality Sectors

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Steve Hodgkinson

Building Reputation with Great Public Relations